Inspection of Garments in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Tamil Nadu, Ludhiyana, Noida, Gurugram, India

Products :- Cargo pants, Skirts, Eyelet shift dress, Tiered embroidered maxi, LACE UP GROMMET LS TUNIC, LS BIG SHIRT, Embroidered kurta, polyester georgette, Embroidered kaftan, Kimono with crochet trim, Trapeze dress, Trapeze dress, V Neck pullover top

Inspection of Woven Scarf Email:   A scarf, plural scarves, is a piece of fabric worn around the neck for warmth, sun protection, cleanliness, fashion, or religious reasons. They can be made in a variety of different materials such

Flow Coupling, Blast Joints, Pup Joints, Crossover pup joints and Measurement Checking

Flow Coupling and Blast Joint Flow couplings and Blast joints are thick-walled tubular components normally utilized in completions and located adjacent to changes in the tubing ID or across from perforations. Blast joints Blast joints are constructed

Chemical Inspection of Antibacterial Lukocide DTC S, Viscosity Reducer Visral Vrs, Coagulant Accofloc. S & Seedmix Z300 Seed Slurry

ANTIBACTERIAL LUKOCIDE DTC S The sample collected from 3-4 drums and as per buyer test parameter. The average gross weight of drum calculated The average tare weight of empty drum calculated. The Net weight of chemical then

Raw cotton bale container loading inspection-Weight on Weigh Bridge and Bale by bale weighing

By Qmatrix Inspection Solutions Cotton is an important commodity grown in more than 100 countries. Cotton is used mainly for its fibre which is pivotal for the textile industry globally. Cottonseed is crushed to produce oil for

IV Cannula Inspection

An IV cannula is a technique that is utilised in order to place a cannula into a vein in order to provide some form of venous access. This sort of access will allow medical professionals to get

Medical Gloves Inspection

How to Inspect surgical, exam, household gloves Medical gloves are an essential everyday item for all healthcare professionals working in a healthcare environment.  Gloves not only protect the wearer but they also create a safety zone for

Cable inspections

There are some important point to check during cable inspection which are given below, First check the brand and quality of the cable. If the cables are of inferior quality then ample protection and durability can definitely

Pre-delivery inspections of home

There are some points to inspect or check during Pre-delivery inspections of home which are given below, When inspecting ceilings, walls, doors and windows you should check for obvious defects such as gouges, cracks and dents on

Car inspection

There are some important point to check during car inspection which are given below, Ensure that the car is on level ground before checking it out.This is to ensure that you will be able to clearly check