Inspection of Garments in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Tamil Nadu, Ludhiyana, Noida, Gurugram, India

Products :- Cargo pants, Skirts, Eyelet shift dress, Tiered embroidered maxi, LACE UP GROMMET LS TUNIC, LS BIG SHIRT, Embroidered kurta, polyester georgette, Embroidered kaftan, Kimono with crochet trim, Trapeze dress, Trapeze dress, V Neck pullover top with lace inserts, dress, dress with smock tie waist.

MAJOR Garment finishing:-

  • Garment should be properly ironed. Includes in all seams, waistband, leg opening.
  • Stitching should be straight
  • No twisting/puckering
  • Stitching tension should not be too tight (causing puckering/bubbling or off spec)

MAJOR Specs should be within tolerance:-

  • Especially waist stretch, the elastic should not be too tight or too hard.
  • Symmetry
  • Left and right sides should be symmetrical, this includes pocket size/placement
  • Hem should be even (cannot be up and down)
  • No torquing (garment cannot cannot twist/skew)

MAJOR No mixing of dye lots:-

  • No mixing of dye lots within one carton
  • No mixing of dye lots master pack
  • No mixing of dye lots within one garment

Please take care against all regular production standards:

  • No loose threads (threads must be trimmed)
  • No damaged fabric (there should be no runs, holes, dirt/oil/dye stain)

Final Inspection – AQL 2.5 Major, 4.0 Minor

Packing : poly bag with child safe warning, with master pack , as per PO size ratio

Inspection reference sample provided by client or supplier


Polybags:  Each piece individually polybagged. Polybag must be self-sealing – no tape.

Polybag must have child safety warning. Polybag warning must be approved for each shipment.

Carton marking: Needs to be printed or stenciled – not hand written. Markings will be advised.

Mark any 2 adjacent sides (not opposite sides). Shipper (factory) information should not appear on carton.

If coloured tape is used in packing, markings/labels must NOT be covered by tape. After carton markings advised/ approved, we will need to see pictures of cartons with correct labels. At least 5 pictures required – 1 of each of the 4 sides of carton, and 1 picture of entire shipment. Factory must ensure cartons and markings are secure, and do not in transit.

Carton size: All cartons must be of same size. Carton must go in cargo on Gross Weight – not Volume Weight. Cartons must not exceed 18kgs each. If weight slightly exceeds 18kgs, please inform for approval.

Carton colour must be white or craft colour.

Shipment: We cannot accept goods that are packed wet/damp. Individual polybags should be packed with silica packets to keep shipment dry. Silica must be good quality (should not be powdery/stain garments). Silica gel/desiccant cannot keep shipment dry of garments are packed wet/damp, so garments must be DRY when packed. It is very that shipment stays dry, so goods will not become moldy.

Shipment quantity: Please ask for shipment quantity tolerance for each PO, as tolerance varies from buyer to buyer. Shipment quantity % must be within size ratio. If PO is pre-pack, no loose pieces out of ratio accepted. If ratio is loose, tolerance % must be equal in ALL sizes.

Fit samples/approvals: Fit sample required for approval of fit. All fit samples must be dispatched within 5-7 days All fit samples must be submitted with specification/measurement sheet showing ‘Required Specs’ and how factory measures sample dispatched with +/- notations. If any approvals required (including, but not limited to fabric quality/handfeel, trim colour/size) based on fit sample, approval must be requested before courier is received. Approvals will need to be resubmitted if samples are already forwarded to buyers before approval requested.

Graded specification/measurement sheet must be provided by factory for approval before proceeding with bulk production.

Production samples: Pre-Production (P.P.) sample required for approval, preferably with labels.

Labels/Price tickets: Shipper (factory) is responsible for labels unless otherwise specified in Purchase Order.

If trims supplied by factory: Factory must provide care content, care instruction, and all hangtag/price ticket

layouts/artwork/qualities for approval. Incorrect trim(s)/label(s) can result in rejection of shipment.

Label/ticket placement must be approved for each style. T.O.P. samples must have all correct labels and tickets as required by buyer.

General Packing Requirements:

deally, items should be packed in a carton that fall within the following dimensions:

Minimum conveyable carton size / weight = 12Lx12Wx6H / 2 lbs.

Maximum conveyable carton size = 30Lx26Wx24H / 50 lbs.

  • Pack by solid style and solid size with consistent counts per carton unless assorted prepacks are planned with buyer.
  • Prepacks must be packed together in master by using inner cartons, rubber bands or bags.
  • Individual cartons, not secured to pallets for transport to stores, should not have external straps, bands, or ties
  • For all shipments, staple pins is prohibited. Strapping is prohibited.

Standard Carton Labeling Requirements:

  • Packing slip required on every order, preferably on LAST carton of the order (so the DC sees it at the time they unload the PO).
  • Cartons to be labeled with:


Vendor Style # (must match order)

Color (color names, not color codes)

Item Description (a close match to sku description on PO)

Quantity (# ofon)

  • Specify pack counts in addition to unit counts when pre-packs are being shipped.

Shipment Quantity:

  • Tolerance -3% ~ +5% in size ratio