Final inspection of Men’s shirt

There is some point to check during men’s shirt final inspections which is given below,

  • Collar of shirt: Check the collar of shirt whether is the both point are in the same length and check the sewing is done properly, the collar remain properly flat etc.
  • Size of shirt: check the size label of the shirt, the measurements of the various parts of the shirt are ok with the measurement sheet and they are within the tolerance level.
  • Buttons of shirt: check the buttons are correct and placed in equal distance, sewn properly, no broken or defective buttons, pattern matching properly done etc.
  • Pocket of shirt: ensure to the upper edge of the pocket is horizontal, balance sewing or puckering and any other defective sewing, the two upper corners are secured by back stitched or not, proper matching of stripes, and checks or pattern (± 1/8 inch) are maintained or the pocket is placed properly flat.
  • Hem of shirt: check the stitches are balanced or puckering, the edge is without sewing, presence of skipped stitches, sewing in the edge done or not?
  • Yoke and Shoulder of shirt: check the pleat (if present) has been done at correct distance and correct place, stitches are balanced, no puckering, no skipped stitch etc.
  • Cuffs of shirt: need to check whether matching of stripes, checks or patterns (± 1/8) is maintained with the sleeve. Or, any defects in seams or in stitches.
  • Finished appearance: check the ends of the yarns are seen outside, any dust or oil spot, any fabric defect or shade variation etc.




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