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Medical Gloves Inspection

How to Inspect surgical, exam, household gloves Medical gloves are an essential everyday item for all healthcare professionals working in a healthcare environment.  Gloves not only protect the wearer but they also create a safety zone for

Cable inspections

There are some important point to check during cable inspection which are given below, First check the brand and quality of the cable. If the cables are of inferior quality then ample protection and durability can definitely

Pre-delivery inspections of home

There are some points to inspect or check during Pre-delivery inspections of home which are given below, When inspecting ceilings, walls, doors and windows you should check for obvious defects such as gouges, cracks and dents on

Car inspection

There are some important point to check during car inspection which are given below, Ensure that the car is on level ground before checking it out.This is to ensure that you will be able to clearly check

How to inspect the sweater garment?

Check the style according to purchaser order requirements to ensure approval bulk sample confirm its pullover or cardigan or skirt or dress. Check the hand feel according to the requirements of the purchaser’s approval sample or fabric,

Leather bags inspections

Smell Test: Check the smell of the bag is an important part of every inspection; it is the easiest way to discover illegal toxins. However the most reliable way to check it is to perform chemical tests

Container loading inspections

There is some point to inspect during the container loading which are given below, Check the loading list provided by the factory. Count the quantity of cartons, at the warehouse, according to the loading list and open

Final inspection of Men’s shirt

There is some point to check during men’s shirt final inspections which is given below, Collar of shirt: Check the collar of shirt whether is the both point are in the same length and check the sewing

Basics of third party inspection

What  is  the basics of third party inspection is given below, The first basic step in the third party inspection is checking the quality and quantity of the product. Ensure the marking and packing of material as

Inspection of mobile phone

There are some important points to inspect or check during buying mobile phone which are given below, Ensure that any dents or grazed paint outside the phones. Open the back cover of mobile phones and make sure