How to inspect the sweater garment?

  • Check the style according to purchaser order requirements to ensure approval bulk sample confirm its pullover or cardigan or skirt or dress.
  • Check the hand feel according to the requirements of the purchaser’s approval sample or fabric, the samples or fabric, the samples can’t have pilling and peculiar smell, hand feel can’t be harsh or stiff.
  • Check the Label the stitch position of label must be correct.
  • Check the neck shape must be smooth curve and symmetrical, ensure the back neck seam must be clean finish without knotted or ends visible.
  • Ensure the stripe layout must be right. Stripe can’t be distorted at neck, check stripe must be straight across and matching at armhole, side seam and underarm.
  • Ensure the cardigan, the placket must be straight and the length on both sides must be the same. Placket can’t be wavy and out seam, button spacing should be consistent.
  • Check the pocket must be stitch in right direction, don’t push downwards, keep straight. Workmanship must be careful in pocket insertion, there is no hole and no pleats on the pocket.
  • Check the zipper must be straight, not wavy. Make sure not to stretch fabric when setting zipper.
  • ensure weights, tension and hand feel is ok, no dropped stitch, no puckering, no strain, no creasing, glazing and over pressing on the garment.


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