Two wheelers (bike) inspection

Whenever you inspect or check two wheelers (bike) following thing has to be check –

  • Front mudguard: check for sufficient play between the front suspension forks and the mudguard. Ensure all nuts and bolts are tightened properly.
  • Meters: All meters/warning lamps should function properly. Check out the calibration of the fuel gauge. How much is the reading on the odo. Do the blinkers/high beam indicators work properly?
  • Key: check the key should go smoothly inside the key hole. Check for locking of handle.
  • Headlamp assembly: Check for proper fitment of fairing. All bulbs should function properly. Headlamp focus can be checked by throwing headlamp beam on a wall.
  • Switches: check the all switches function properly? Does any switch show any resistance? Do the indicators cancel when the blinker switch is pushed in?
  • Fuel tank: check the dents and scratches on tank. Is there any discoloration on the paint, especially at the top side? Check the functioning of fuel cap. Hold the tank with both hands on either sides or try to shake it left-right. Movement should be zero or minimum.
  • Horn: check the sound clear and consistent?
  • Front/Rear brake adjuster mechanism: Check for free movement of the adjuster. It should be able to be screwed in/out with a single hand’s worth of effort. Check the brake fluid level in the master cylinder if the bike is fitted with a disc brake.
  • Battery: No corrosion should be present on the electrodes. It should be properly connected — fastened to wire leads and properly secured / tied down in the vehicle. Ask about how to jump it properly. Does it have a special separate warranty?

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